In keeping with our tradition of pioneering change in a static education environment, the Study Hall Education Foundation is introducing a new innovative and dynamic stream of learning through their new co-educational Center for Learning.

Guided by Haward Gardner ’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, the Center for Learning will cater to individual students with different learning needs.

Each year numerous students fail their examinations, and drop out of school or college because their different learning needs go unnoticed by regular teachers who are unable to detect a child ’s special learning need. These students find it difficult to cope with and fit into the mainstream pattern of teaching and assessments and are sidelined by their teachers and termed as ‘slow learners’, ‘dreamers’ and indisciplined etc. Study Hall’s Center for Learning strives to bridge this gap by adopting innovative teaching techniques that are implemented through skilled and dedicated teachers trained especially to cater to students with different learning needs.

Unlike regular “coaching” and tutorial “Businesses” that have mushroomed all over the countryside, students at the Center for Learning will not be caught loitering because we are a regular school maintaining regular hours and have a strict a minimum attendance of 80 percent as a qualifying factor for taking the examinations. Yet, At the Center for Learning, students learn at their own pace under the watchful eyes of dedicated teachers who help them along the way with their curriculum and extracurricular activities.

Students enrolled with the Center for Learning can opt for taking examinations for their Xth or XIIth recognized certifications through the NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) stream or take the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) exam privately.