At Study Hall Educational Foundation we believe that ….. ‘Children are unique, powerful, important person, worthy of our respect. They have a right to enjoy their childhood, which is an important phase of their lives and deserves to be understood respectfully rather than treated simply as a preparation for Adulthood.

We all know that there are children who do not fit in normal (traditional) academic set up because of their multiple intelligence. They are unable to cope up with regular board curriculum due to lack of time which they devote in pursuing their multiple intelligence in sports or other kinds of creativity activities and in some cases because of their special abilities like (dyslexia or hearing/ speech impairment. Obviously it is evident in their absenteeism, low self-esteem, low self confidence and behavioral problems.


We here at Study Hall center for learning (CFL), a school specially designed to cater students through NIOS provide sustainable and inclusive learning with universal and flexible access to quality school education and skill development from middle school to senior secondary level.

We aim to create a friendly, secure, caring, warm, comforting, stimulating and collaborative learning environment in our classrooms, to enable our children to develop freely at their own pace, as they move towards optimizing their potential without the fear and humiliation of unfair comparisons with their friends. Our goal is to make the school a happy place and not a place where children feel alienated, bored, hurt, persecuted or threatened.
Center for Learning bridges the gap which is created between students learning needs and our Education System. Children flower under dedicated care and attention with the freedom to develop their different and special abilities. It has a caring nurturing approach with the goal of helping them gain their self esteem and explore their potential. Here children learn and grow without any pressure. They pursue their hobbies without any guilt and convert them into successful careers. They are given every opportunity of painting dance drama western and Indian music, craft and designing, photography and sport. Of course they complete their schooling and study through NIOS.

Learning Principles

We believe that learning is intrinsically meaningful and enjoyable. Like all of us, children are natural learners with an innate curiosity, need and desire to make sense of themselves, other people and the world they find themselves in. Thus we strive to cater to all kinds of learners, as per their learning style.